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Tracklist 29.10.2017 Listen Here!

1. Fossil Aerosol Mining Project-Traditional String Invocation
2. Alice Harltey-Teasel (Dipasacus Sylvestris)
3. Laura Cannell-Lines Of Copper Gold
4. Astrïd & Rachel Grimes-Hollis
5. William Eggleston-Untitled Piano Improvisation/FD 6.9
6. John Edwards/Mark Sanders/John Wall-G
7. Joe Mc Phee & Bryan Eubanks-My Undocumented Alien Clarinet B
8. Beatrice Dillon & Call Super-Fluo


Tracklist 22.10.2017 Listen Here!

1. Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement-Praying Mantis Black Arts
2. Ben Frost-A Sharp Blow In Passing
3. Carla Dal Forno-We Shouldn’t Have To Wait
4. Off World-The Mask
5. Antwood-Sublingual
6. Mike Cooper-Reluctant Swimmer/Movies Is Magic
7. Bambooman-Frost
8. Alessandro Cortini-Iniziare
9. Gabriel Saloman-What Belongs To Love


Tracklist 15.10.2017 Listen Here!

Icarus Live Session #48 with Sylvain Chauveau
Interview by Michiel Vanden Broecke


Tracklist 08.10.2017 Listen Here!

1. Ben Frost-All That You Love Will be Eviscerated
2. Gabriel Saloman-What Belongs To You
3. Sova Stroj-Schlaf Und traum
4. Yves Tumor-Synecdoche
5. Carlos Casas-Avesta
6. Total Art Of Percussion-Wuhan Wuchang
7. BJ Nilsen-Eaux Rousses
8. Sarah Angliss-The Messenger (Alexandra Palace Mix)
9. Deru-The Roar And The Dust


Tracklist 01.10.2017 Listen Here!

1. Alessandro Cortini-Senza Aria
2. Felicia Atkinson-No Fear But Anticipation
3. Tomeka Reid Quartet-The Love Wait
4. Midori Takada & Masahito Satoh-Ancient Palace
5. Hampshire & Foat-End Song
6. Dominique Lawalrée-Raniy Sunday (Dimanche Pluvieux)
7. Laibach-Vor Sonnen (Aufgang)
8. Daniel O' Sullivan-Apocryphonium
9. Run The Jewels-A Report To The Shareholders-Kill Your Masters
10. K30-Hora Da Casa


Tracklist 24.09.2017 Listen Here!

1. Otto Lindholm-Fauve
2. Carlos Casas-Siponj Variations
3. Sarah Angliss-Sky Bullion
4. Andrea Belfi-Iso
5. Andrea Belfi-Lead
6. Peder Mannerfelt-The Theory (Live at Berlin Atonal 2015)
7. Kate Carr-1001 Missed Connections
8. Islaja & Werkstatt-Lainaa Lause
9. Mike Cooper-Raft 33-Malama Honua (To Care For Our Earth)


Tracklist 17.09.2017 Listen Here!

Icarus Special-Gabi Sultana at Gentsche Festspiele

Icarus Radio recorded last summer an excellent set by Maltsese pianist Gabi Sultana at Gentsche Festspiele. She played a special Philip Glass tribute to celebrate his 80th birthday. You'll hear Two Pages (1968), Etudes 2, 5, 6, 13 (1991-2012), Prophecies from Koyaanisqatsi (transcribed by Gabi Sultana from an arrangement by Anton Batagov) (1982) and Mad Rush (1989).


Tracklist 10.09.2017 Listen Here!

1. Sarah Nicolls & Atau Tanaka-Suspensions
2. Dominique Lawalrée-La Maison Des 5 Elements
3. Sylvain Chauveau-On The Influence Of Planetary Attraction
4. E L U C I D-Piano Wire
5. BJ Nilsen-Camping Europa
6. Joe McPhee & André Jaume-Nuclear
7. Daniel O’Sullivan-Scorpio Rising Blues
8. Dj NinOo-Saudades Do Russel
9. A.M. Architect-Avicenna


Tracklist 03.09.2017 Listen Here!

1. Rafael Anton Irisarri-The Faithless
2. Alessandro Cortini-Scappa
3. Félicia Atkinson-Hier Le Désert
4. Sarah Angliss-Cow Heart Pin
5. Arve Henriksen-Realign
6. Daniel Barbiero/Cristiano Bocci-Bruxelles Gare Du Midi
7. Kate Carr-For All This Long And Hopeless Year
8. Andrea Belfi-Syncline
9. Loke Rahbek-A Mess Of Love
10. Johan Lindvall-24 Preludes-E Major